Robert A. Washick has decades of experience in marketing and prides himself on a strong knowledge of the marketplace and what each type of individual or entity is looking for in a product or service. The summation, “everyone has a problem they want solved” holds true on a daily basis. By digging into his learning, knowledge and experiences he has the ability to understand the strongest potential market and/or clientele. His background includes handling benefit plans and individual insurance products and simplifying the process through conversations and fact finding. He then is able to find solutions for the concerns for each company and individual.With his degree in economics from Rollins College and an MBA from University of Central Florida he has been able to springboard many companies’ goals to fruition while communicating with Presidents, Vice Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, Boards of Directors, HR, etc. His history of clientele is quite robust including, City and County Government, Hospitals, Hotels, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Physicians, etc. As President and partner in Professional Marketing Associates International, Robert has controlled and overseen numerous Marketing Campaigns including websites, seminars, advertising and client relations for customers located in Orlando and across America.With Robert A. Washick’s background, you won’t find a better guide to determine your message and market which will then lead to your promotions. Robert truly enjoys learning the situation, calculating solutions and explains with the heart of a teacher.

thomas reich

Thomas R. Reich, Phd is an Expert in Social Media, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Based Marketing, Webinars, Seminars, Event Management, Event Planning, Event Marketing, Email Marketing, Effective Email Newsletters, Press Releases, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Brand Standardization, Community Relations, Adobe, Microsoft and most Digital Platforms.Thomas is the developer of Deep Rich Data, a system of SEO back-links and social media networking that generates increased traffic to blogs and websites. As a presenter, he has given countless seminars and webinars throughout the United States and Canada on many subjects including Motivation and Brand Based Pride, Digital Marketing, Public Relations for Business Results, Social Service to Community, Deep Rich Data and Social Media.As CMO and partner in Professional Marketing Associates International, Mr. Reich has controlled multiple brand Campaigns including blogs, websites, Press Release designs, webinar series, seminar series, advertising, PPC Campaigns and client relations for customers located in Orlando and throughout the world.In the World of Entertainment Creation and Promotion, Mr. Reich is a Certified DGA Director and Producer, has scripted and produced hundreds of video projects, from commercials and Website videos to full blown documentaries, Thomas is also an expert in Seminar and live show production.

Over the years, Thomas has worked for Texas Instruments, NCR, Universal, Koch, Fox Lorber, Sony, Warner Brothers, North Hampton, CharityNetUSA, Rotary and countless others.

In Music Production Thomas has produced over 60 RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum Records including INXS, Yes, DJ Magic Mike, Debbie Gibson and many more. In sound production Thomas is proficient in Foley Stage, Ambient and Soundtrack Production all phases. His awards include Ace, CMA, Chrystal Reel, ASCAP, Ampex Gold Real, and nominations from the Grammy to Canadian Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
With Thomas R. Reich’s background, you won’t find a better Digital Marketing Expert anywhere, to create and launch your promotions. Thomas was Born to Promote, Lives to Market and loves what he does!