How Does The Process of Marketing Design Work at Your PMA

What is marketing and how does Your PMA deal with it?

The most important two marketing components for a small business, in today’s world of internet marketing, is to have a properly developed website design and connected social media network.  Beyond these two components, each facet of that social media network must be properly setup and maintained.  You must also have a building and targeted email list with a regularly distributed email campaign connected to your website and social media network.

Though internet marketing in any form is the hot marketing topic in many circles today, we must not forget traditional marketing methods.  Traditional marketing design is at the heart of all internet marketing.  To successfully spread a consistent story and image out on your company, you must first have a professional logo, a color scheme, and a plan to integrate this logo and color design into your entire marketing world.

Professional Marketing Associates total marketing approachWe cannot over look print ads, direct mail, and flyers, which are still an integral part of marketing a small business today.  Also, do not discount yourself and your professional employees, grass roots marketing, networking and chamber of commerce meetings and events are all great places to expose the public to your knowledge of your products and services. All of these marketing components still figure prominently into any complete marketing plan.

A firm like Professional Marketing Associates can make today’s confusing multifaceted world of both online and traditional marketing an easy and centralized task.  Professional marketing firms exist to do one thing, make your firm better recognized so potential customers trust what you are selling. 


Professional Marketing Associated and digital marketing

So what is a typical pattern that Professional Marketing Associates would follow with a new
customer?  There are many ways to go in the infinite world of modern day marketing, both in digital marketing and traditional marketing.  It is important to have a clearly defined message in all you do, one that has the look and feel of your brand.  Digital marketing alone is not enough in todays market, things like websites, social media and SEO must be combined with news letters, direct mail and as your brand grows TV, radio and print adds to support your growing positive identity.  Never forget our motto: 

Reputation + Repetition = Brand Recognition

Professional Marketing Associated and digital marketing


Here is an example of how we may decide to approach you business, many factors go into what we will mutually agree is right for your firm’ design, but this is an example of how we may approach a new account at Your PMA:

Verify  message is clear
Review website design for consistency

Full website design analysis
Assemble backlink goals
Social Media Design – Set Up to
match website

Social Media Audience Building
Search Engine Optimization
Social Marketing Optimization
Overall Website Optimization Review

Keyword Choice and Optimization
Optimized Press Releases
Optimized Blogs
Content Management and

Brand optimization
Email Marketing
Link Building
Local, National and International directories submissions
And so much more……..

At the point we feel you digital marketing and on line branding is consistent we may recommend some of the following:

Professional Marketing Associated and digital marketing

Branded Printed Marketing  Material Design

Branded Brochures Design

Branded Videos designed for Website, Emails and YouTube

Trade Show Branding and Design

Branded Networking Events

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Professional Marketing Associated and digital marketing

We wont know what works best for you until we talk, and yes marketing should be a roll up our sleeves get together in person and figure out together what works best for your business.  Your PMA’s partners have over 4 decades of marketing experience working with firms as large as Texas Instruments and Warner Bros. and as small as the neighborhood service station, all with great results.  We cater a custom program that fits your budget and your needs, as you grow so do our services.  It does not cost a dime to talk, lets get together soon, call us today for an appointment in our offices in downtown Orlando, Florida, or we will be glad to come to you:

407-801-1PMA (1762)