Press Release Liason for NudgeNotes.com distribution
I think your release already looks perfect for distribution with the appropriate limit for characters and was very well written too. After Google’s penguin, press release distribution strategy has changed a lot and every time I distribute a press release I look for the “over-optimization” factor. Many clients still write press releases with too much keyword stuffing, inappropriate hyperlinks and purely for SEO value which is not the way Google wants it to be. It just wants the press release to be informative and objective to the headline (as press releases are meant to be). Hence, I would recommend you to keep going with the same version as it looks 100% eligible for complete distribution. Regarding listings, I am not sure i understood it in the right way, If you meant the total number of links for each distribution type the here it is: Premium Outlets : 149 Newspaper and Major News Sites : 100 Industry News Sites : 40 TV & Radio Sites : 60 Regional and Industry News Sites : 103 Social Media Coverage : 57 Total : 452 excluding social media and 509 including social media.

Matthew Hadley Co-Founder, Vivid Lantern, LLC Tom Reich is an amazing person, as well as, professional with a diverse background in the art of promoting, business development and marketing. His attention to detail is incredible, passion/understanding of social marketing is outstanding and his loyalty, remarkable. Tom is great individual that I would recommend to anybody trying to grow and promote their business.

Daniel Tervo IT Professional Tom is a knowledgeable professional and a strong public speaker. He has a wide breadth of knowledge in business and non-profit organizations that he shares in a clear and concise manner. I have no hesitation recommending Tom for anyone looking to build their business through social media or traditional means.

Gary Fischer Division Leader at Primerica Financial Services I’ve had the distinct pleasure of networking with Tom and his wealth of knowledge on a wide range of business subjects is extraordinary. Even better, is the fact that he enjoys teaching others and gets great satisfaction from their successes. I’m looking forward to continuing the networking relationship with Tom in the future. Truly a wonderful asset to anyone’s networking list.

Dean Jennings Vice President, Orlando Development Corporation Dr. Reich is an expert in marketing, social media and public relations.

Frank Candy Founder & President – American Speakers Bureau Corp. For many years Tom has been a strong leader with great communication skills, vision, and a true understanding of the human spirit. Tom is a multi-talented winner, with a never give up attitude, and passion for business development, and making things happen where they really count, on the bottom line.

Mark Goldstein President of the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce Tom Reich is the consummate business professional and a terrific public speaker. Tom has spoken to groups in the Central Florida Christian Chamber on several occasions on various business topics and has absolutely delivered each time. I highly recommend Tom as not only a business development consultant, but also as a speaker for your group.

Mary Dominguez, MSOL Business Development l Sales l Marketing l Client Relations I Central Florida Business Journal I am happy to recommend Mr. Tom Reich. Tom has provided classes regarding Social Media Marketing and Small Business Consulting to our organization on multiple occasions. His style makes the presentations informative, engaging, and always well received. Tom is a pleasure to work with and would be a positive asset to any organization looking for a top-notch presenter.

Madonna Machado Senior Vice President Thomas is dedicated to insuring your success. I highly recommend him.

 Scott Hall Scott Hall – Residential Mortgage Lender with ResMac Tom is very much an authority on social media marketing and provides effective ways for you to develop a dominating presence for your company on line. You will be provided with effective marketing techniques that will get you noticed.

Bob Moffat Business Consultant at Bizcentral Tom is the best market and media person I have ever met. Super talented speaker, someone you can always count on, an honest and good friend.

Geno Cuddy Student I Intern I Video Developer Thomas R. Reich is the hardest worker I know. He makes sure everything is done right and on time. He is also very kind and courteous with his clients, and does everything in his power to make them happy and satisfied. I am proud to endorse Mr. Reich, and I am proud to have the pleasure of knowing him.

Greg Engelman Information Technology Tom is take charge business leader. I run a Meetup.com group in Orlando. I currently ran into some health issues and without hesitation, Dr. Reich stepped up and took charge of the group just like leaders do. I highly recommend Tom whether it would be in marketing, leadership or any kind of supervisory position.

Mike ODonnell Founder of the Florida Angel Nexus, Executive Director Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship @UCF, CEO MOD Ventures Tom is a hard working and passionate individual. Good luck Tom in your efforts.

Fred Moore Corporate Keynote Speaker-Entertainer www.MooreFred.com Author of Beyond “Good Enough” Problem Solving Expert Tom Reich knows his business inside and out. He was able to explain everything about what his company does in plain and simple terms, no techno-babble and easy concepts to understand. He’s very open to any questions, patient when I didn’t understand and went the extra mile to give, give, give. You can’t go wrong with Thomas Reich!

Sue Copening Executive Director of ConnectionsGroups.com Thomas is full of great ideas… having run several successful businesses he now uses all those skills and knowledge to help others achieve their goals. It’s sort of a “business karma” thing…

Chris Romero eCommerce SEM | SEO Consultant | Google Ad words & Analytics Certified | Video Marketer | Film Maker | Retargeting Thomas R. Reich is an amazing mind. With the combination of his entertainment mind and his deep knowledge of marketing, Mr. Reich was able to bring in amazing amounts of traffic by always maintaing a clear, engaging and sincere voice to everything we worked on. If you have a chance to work with this man, do it! From PR to email, landing page optimization, social media, seo, if it is online, Tom can make it boom.

Bert Foxx VIDEO SYSTEMS ENGINEER/ REPAIR TECH at PSAV Thomas R. Reich is a goal oriented manager with a firm grasp of bottom line objectives. His marketing skills are legendary and to be admired.  Tom Reich in addition to being the CEO was totally responsible for the marketing and all promotions of an independent record label where I was the video engineer. He was a standout at marketing and promotion.