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YourPMA is a full service marketing firm.  What does this mean?  First of all it means we can do virtually anything to promote your company from website design and social media account creation, to branding and logo design. YourPMA can even arrange low cost advertising to enhance your over-all marketing  programs and maximize potential customers calling you and visiting your website.

To understand what YourPMA does, it is important to understand the definition of marketing as it applies to business today.  First of all, marketing today is much the same as it was in the 1960’s in many ways. Marketing is getting the word out, telling the public your story and the long term task of name recognition.  Repetition + Reputation = Brand Recognition.

When you think of coffee you may think of Maxwell House; that is due to heavy marketing done way back in the 1960’s.  You may also think of Starbucks, which is a much more recent marketing campaign, one that used YouTube, Social Media and Websites as well as traditional marketing methods.  The point is 2 edged; good marketing creates brand recognition that lasts decades and good marketing is as effective today as it was in the 1960s.

So what does Professional Marketing Associates or YourPMA do that is so different from the multitude of “Modern Marketing Agencies” that seem to be everywhere?  First of all, we take an overall approach to establish and improve your brand recognition, name recognition and increase potential customers knowledge of what you do, what you stand for and help to increase your positive reputation, before you companies sales representatives ever come in contact with the potential customer.

Marketing is not selling, selling is a function best handled by the experts, your professionals trained in your products and services.  A Professional Marketing firm’s job is to deliver prospects who are already informed and familiar with your products and services, and who have a positive opinion of the brand you represent.

By presenting your brand as the premier brand of whatever you are selling, making your website an information site, one that is an expert source of information on what your brand represents, we let potential customers learn about your product or service, before they are ever bombarded with “Buy this now”.  By making you an authority site on the web, Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines are much more likely to send interested parties your way.

In essence, we market your brand as the celebrity of your type of product; the go to brand.  We employ press releases that get quality press back links to your website, and help to reinforce the authority nature of your sight.  We create videos, articles and blogs and post over and over to social sharing sites, all in an effort to make your brand the go to authority site representing your industry and products.

It is an old approach to a bold new world, a world that evolves but never entirely changes; Professional Marketing Associates delivers over a combined 60 years of marketing experience.  Repetition + Reputation = Brand Recognition   – Brand Recognition + Constant Exposure = Potential Clients.  An old approach to a new solution; YourPMA.

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