Central Florida’s Marketing Experts

We at YourPMA see ourselves as Central Florida’s Marketing Experts, as guides in the vast and unfamiliar realm of both digital marketing and traditional marketing and promotion. Our Marketing Experts work together to gain targeted prospects for your product or service.  Many can deliver traffic to your website, but often with little or no results.  As Central Florida’s Marketing Experts we at YourPMA deliver targeted traffic, quality not quantity.

Professional Marketing Associates #2 social media marketing firmOne of our specialties and the one element that makes us stand out as Central Florida’s Marketing Experts is our willingness to understand your business, your brand and how you look to potential customers that may see you in the market.  In order to make a sale, you must not only convince the customer that you have the best solution to their problem, but also that you are a credible conveyance to that solution.

Here at Professional Marketing Associates we like to call it “making your business famous.”  This is what every product you have ever gone out of your way to purchase has done over the years.  Why do you reach for Coke, Tide, Terminx, Hilton or Chevy? Because you know the name, you know that name represents quality and even if the are other choices out there it is easier to go with what you know.  Many firms like Hershey, Butterfinger or even RCA sell their name for other manufacturers to use, this is called a bankable brand.

Professional Marketing Associates #2 social media marketing firmTo build bankable brand it takes years and lots of hard work, but on the level of one area it is very realistic to reach a status of well know in 6 months to a year.  As Central Florida’s Marketing Experts YourPMA has a program to make you famous: Reputation + Repetition = Brand Recognition.

We have a process that’s familiarizes us with your company and helps us design a long term marketing program that will significantly impact your image in a positive way and increase targeted prospects, eager to learn more about what you have to offer.

Project design is an integral part of any Professional Marketing Associates project.  We must first get a feel for not only your company and product or service, but also for you vision and mission in the market.  Understanding where a company sees themselves now and where they see themselves down the road is important to every facet of what we will create in a marketing program.

To that end we will work with you in the following areas to determine:Professional Marketing Associates #2 social media marketing firm

1)    Do you have a clearly defined brand?  Does that brand represent what you are selling?

2)    Is the message you are conveying through you digital marketing efforts, is your defined brand and color choices defined throughout your digital marketing efforts?  Is that brand and color choice carried out in all you do whether print, video or even networking and expo shows?

3)    YourPMA will review your website, check for both functionality and brand consistency, as Central Florida’s Marketing Experts for over 35 years our staff knows what works for our area as well as a nationwide or worldwide audience.

4)    We will create a full marketing analysis of your web presence, showing you what could be improved and what you are doing well.

5)    We will review SEO and SEM as it relates to your website and your business.

6)    If you have social media set up already we will make sure the consistent branding and colors is carried to all facets of your social media network.  Color is a touch point that ties memories together, being consistent – consistently is top of the mind at YourPMA.Professional Marketing Associates #2 social media marketing firm

7)    If you are missing social media sites that are advantageous to your market niche, we will create and brand these social media sites for you as part of an all inclusive marketing program over time.

8)    We will build an impressive social media audience for each site in your network. We believe large followings create an impression of importance and enhance your overall image.

9)  As your network builds we will enhance all search Engine optimization elements automatically, as Central Florida’s Marketing Experts, we know what keywords work for greatest targeted response to just what you are selling.

10)  We will make sure that every page in your website is optimized individually for maximum search engine activity.  Every page can actually rank on its own in the modern search engine so SEO optimization is not just for your home page anymore!

11)  As we grow your network and your brand presence in the market, we can employ specifically optimized Press Releases which serve many functions beyond mere publicity, adding greatly to your SEO credibility, keyword optimization and quality back links that encourage even more targeted search engine attention.  Here at Professional Marketing Associates we pride ourselves at being Central Florida’s Marketing Experts in the art of creating and distributing the right Press Release at the right time for maximum results.

12)  Part of your project may include blogs, these blogs will be targeted to your keywords and orientated around what your firm is expert in.  Each blog will be individually searchable and provide additional targeted traffic to your website.  Each will be both Keyword and SEO optimized to the project specifications and each will develop their own unique quality back links and crosslinks.

Professional Marketing Associates #2 social media marketing firm13)  Blogs and pages will be linked to each other within the website, adding valuable SEO targeted traffic within the website, further improving Search engine response.

14)  Content is everything, 50 pages is a minimum goal for a well presented website, and 100 or more is our goal to begin to make your website an authority site in your market. As Central Florida’s Marketing Experts, we know how to target Central Florida clients, but we also have extensive experience targeting a nationwide market or even a worldwide market if that is your marketing goals.  Our experts have worked with worldwide clients like Warner Brothers, Texas Instruments, Sony and others on international releases, and we can take you anywhere you can afford to go with you product.

Professional Marketing Associates #2 social media marketing firm15)  Videos, short and targeted to your product or service is key to SEO and search engine targeted traffic. We may include videos in your project, that will not only be professional but will be keyword optimized and SEO optimized to your targeted prospects.  As always with YourPMA, both branding and color choice will be consistent throughout all we do, including videos.

16)  As your website and network shapes up to be a brand and market leader, we will continue to add local, national and international directoryProfessional Marketing Associates #2 social media marketing firm listings.  The submission process is time consuming, each directory listing must be 100% complete for them to be effective. Just submitting to a directory is useless, unless you are fully represented.

17)  Brand Reputation is something that must be addressed, as Central Florida’s Marketing Experts we can help if you have negative reviews or undeserved comments. This can often be fixed or nullified, if this is needed in your overall marketing package.

18)  Encouraging positive reviews and recommendations is an art we pride ourselves at being masters of. If this is an area of concern in your market, we can include positive review generation as part of the project.  Your organization will find great recommendations and positive reviews increasing as we progress in our marketing efforts.

Professional Marketing Associates #2 social media marketing firmWe can offer so much more, including cable TV campaigns, radio, limited print, billboards and PPC to name but a few.

We, Central Florida’s Marketing Experts at YourPMA want you to understand there is no magic bullet, programs offering the world for a song, or offering to change your businesses life in 30 days seem too good to be true, well they are.  We have decades of experience marketing and we have learned one thing to be true:

Hard Work + Reputation = Brand Recognition

The key is hard work, time and expertise.  Let us show you how a real marketing company lays out a project!