Once We Decide to Work Together, how will YourPMA Work with You to Improve Your Brand

Professional Marketing Associates and what to expect from us

At YourPMA, we pride ourselves in our commitment to brand detail and our motto which is: Repetition + Reputation = Brand Recognition.  What you have just read seems simple enough, but the problem is time.  Many companies today need to spend their time and energy in sales, customer service and delivery of the best product available to their customers.  We make it easy, YourPMA becomes your brand marketing department, and we arrange and complete your marketing programs.

Whether it is Social Media set-up, follower growth and maintenance (we are top 5 in that area according to Orlando Business Journal) or video scripting and production, Your PMA can arrange it and help brand it.  From Newsletters to Press Releases and from traditional print ads to full blown TV packages on Monday Night Football. We have you covered and make sure it all fits your brand.Professional Marketing Associates and what to expect from us

When it comes to SEO, Your PMA designs everything we do with SEO factors in mind.  We are a full service marketing firm in every sense of the term.  When it is time to go to a business or industry expo, we have you covered with booth design, pre- promotion, and promotion during the show and follow up post promotion to maximize your brand exposure, and make use of your brand to its fullest extent.

Call YourPMA today at (407) 801-1PMA(1762) to schedule a brand evaluation to see how we can help you become a celebrity in your industry.  Customers buy from a name they know, “we make you famous in 6 months or less!”  Then we keep you there, refreshed, current and relevant for years to come.

Some of the things we may help with in your program design, may include:

  1. Assist with website design and brand consistency
  2. Utilize numerous outlets based on needs:Analytics to provide guidance
    • Strong Social Media brand Methods
    • Backlinks
    • Deep Search Engine Optimization
    • Image management and brand consistency
    • Direct Connections- e-mail and physical mail all brand consistent to websiteProfessional Marketing Associates and what to expect from us
    • Videos- internet and TV
    • Sound- internet, audiobooks and radio
    • Whitepapers
    • Press Releases
    • Celebrity and Client Endorsements
  3. PPC
  4. PPV
  5. Print
  6. Video
  7. Traditional media with brand: print, TV and Radio
  8. Trade show brand design and implementation
  9. Community Relations