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how we work marketing

How We Work Marketing

YourPMA is a full service marketing firm.  What does this mean?  First of all it means we can do virtually anything to promote your company from website design and social media account creation, to branding and logo design. YourPMA can even arrange low cost advertising to enhance your over-all marketing  programs and maximize potential customers…


Marketing Design and Services

How Does The Process of Marketing Design Work at Your PMA The most important two marketing components for a small business, in today’s world of internet marketing, is to have a properly developed website design and connected social media network.  Beyond these two components, each facet of that social media network must be properly setup and…


Marketing Bios

Robert A. Washick has decades of experience in marketing and prides himself on a strong knowledge of the marketplace and what each type of individual or entity is looking for in a product or service. The summation, “everyone has a problem they want solved” holds true on a daily basis. By digging into his learning,…

Let Us design a plan for your specific needs

  •  Dr. Reich is an expert in marketing, social media and public relations.

    Dean Jennings
    Vice President, Orlando Development Corporation

  • Tom is very much an authority on social media marketing and provides effective ways for you to develop a dominating presence for your company on line. You will be provided with effective marketing techniques that will get you noticed.

    Scott Hall
    Residential Mortgage Lender with ResMac

  • Tom is the best market and media person I have ever met. Super talented speaker, someone you can always count on, an honest and good friend.

    Bob Moffat
    Business Consultant at Bizcentral

  • Thomas R. Reich is an amazing mind. With the combination of his entertainment mind and his deep knowledge of marketing, Mr. Reich was able to bring in amazing amounts of traffic by always maintaing a clear, engaging and sincere voice to everything we worked on. If you have a chance to work with this man, do it! From PR to email, landing page optimization, social media, seo, if it is online, Tom can make it boom.

    Chris Romero eCommerce SEM, SEO Consultant, Google Ad words & Analytics Certified, Video Marketer, Film Maker, Retargeting

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